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SERVICES | MoneyGram Money Transfers

Why Choose Guardian Financial Services to Send Money


  • Convenient – Send money anywhere in the U.S.A. and to over 200 countries worldwide including Mexico, El Salvador, Guatemala, China, Jamaica, Philippines, Costa Rica, India and countries in Africa.


  • Secure – As a global leader in money transfer, you can be sure your money is secure with MoneyGram.


  • Fast & Affordable – Send money fast.* With options for same-day and three-day services, we let you choose the speed or cost savings that fit your needs.


  • Easy – You can send money at our location or send money conveniently online.


  • Reliable – Cash on hand to service your needs.



What You Need


  • Receiver’s full name.

  • State or country where they will be picking up the cash.

  • Sender’s name and phone number.

  • Location from where money was sent and dollar amount sent.




  • Pick up funds at GFS knowing that we have the cash on hand to manage your transaction quickly and efficiently.

  • You can transfer funds electronically to more than 350,000 locations and 200 countries worldwide.

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