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SERVICES | Bookkeeping

Guardian Financial Services qualified tax specialists provide professional expertise and offer a wide range of tax and bookkeeping strategies tailored to your particular financial needs.

Small or medium sized business tax management and payroll services:

Make it easy to get paid

Whether you get paid by invoice, POS or mobile payment processor, the GFS team will ensure all your transactions are properly accounted for. We’ll set you up with cloud accounting software that accurately tracks the revenue collected through each payment method. We can also advise you on new payment and POS systems that work for your business – and your wallet!

Insight into your revenue, at all times

One of the challenges associated with accepting multiple payment methods is dealing with the different ways money shows up in your bank account(timing discrepancies, partial payments, etc.) The GFS bookkeeping team will reconcile your bank records to your accounting software weekly or monthly depending on your needs. You’ll always know which transactions have cleared and which ones are still pending. 

Online document management

You’ll never know when you’ll need a certain document again. Whether you’re applying for a loan or get audited, being able to easily find the right records can save you time and frustration. GFS will organize all your records and store them online, so they’re always accessible.

Regular reports highlighting your business performance

Accounting reports are needed to file taxes and apply for financing. They’re also full of insights into how well your business is performing. GFS will provide you an income statement, balance sheet and statement of cashflows every month so you can learn what you’re doing right and what can be improved.

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